New Product Introduction. First Time Right.

Design a global process with multi functions inputs, secured by gates keeper to allow flawless “Go To Market”. 

  • Develop a Am-Eu Global process with 9 phases, 9 tollgates.  (GE Healthcare, 1989)
  • Implement a 5 gates  multi functions process. (IBA, 2010)




Business Spare Parts, from commodity to key contributor.

Turn a  major item of customer dissatisfaction into a best in class operation

  • Build a dedicated “Spare Parts” team with direct interface with customers and FSEs.
  • Outsource physical handling. (Warehousing and transportation)




Productivity Engine, more margin.

  • Spare Parts  cuts DOA (Dead On Arrival) costs by 50%.
  • CT warranty cost reduction  -18%
  • CT Ship Complete On Time (SCOT) from 5% defect rate down to 2%
  • Pricing for used Equipment : +20% sales

Lead EMEA Service initiative and deliver 15% productivity 3 years in a raw.



Service Delivery, excellence in execution.

Manage remote multi site field Engineers and repair centers.

  • 150 FSEs in 35 different locations. (IBA, 2012)
  • Optimize two repair centers. (Germany and USA)





Customer Satisfaction to secure long term growth.

  • Manage escalation process inside Quality report (GE, 1988)
  • Design and deploy Digital  “Customer report”  (GE, 2003)
  • Design new “Service Record” providing better follow up.
  • Deploy NPS metric for Service. (IBA, 2008)



Option and Upgrade to protect customer’s investments.

Transform a mandatory requirement (Equipment updates) into a profitable business.

  • Installed Base analysis to generate a list of opportunities for upgrades.
  • Commercial actions in each geographic sector to promote the upgrades.
  • List of opportunities: $65M….delivering $39M of additional revenues. (Varian Medical Systems- 2016)